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Lately, I’ve been reading and posting a lot about the use of technology in internal communications. In doing so, I’ve discovered that it’s easy to become preoccupied in learning about the newest software, gadgets, and tools that promise to transform your organization’s internal communications from good (hopefully) to great.

But even sophisticated technology can’t be separated from what we would probably consider the more basic means of communicating. In other words, internal communicators can’t afford to abandon excellent written, verbal, and persuasion skills in favor of hopping on the latest technology bandwagon.

That’s why I was so happy to stumble upon a feature article in IABC’s Student Connection (a newsletter for communications students) about writing for the Intranet. It was a good reminder that internal communications needs more than technology to be successful.

Read: Modifying Your Prose to Fit the Intranet by Shel Holtz for IABC Student Connection

Shel Holtz, ABC, IABC Fellow, also blogs regularly about internal communications at: A Shel of My Former Self.


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