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… to Virtual Grapevine! Why, you wonder, am I here? While I love all things wine-related, that’s hardly the subject of this blog (though I admit the title was influenced accordingly).

I am working on a Master of Science degree in strategic communications at Columbia University. It follows that I spend pretty much all of my free time studying strategy and, well, communications.

My area of focus happens to be internal communications, where the “grapevine” is a common term used to describe the unofficial communications that permeate the workplace and affect corporate culture. Chances are good that at some point in your career you’ve taken part in this phenomenon.

Why virtual? Internal communications are adapting to the digital era. Now, it’s just as commonplace to communicate via e-mail or video conferencing as it is to chat with a colleague at the water cooler or sit down for a meeting with a teammate.

The grapevine isn’t the only internal communications issue I’ll tackle, it just seemed like a good place to start. In this blog I’ll try to decipher what all this technology means for an organization’s overall internal communications strategy and corporate culture. Is it good? Is it bad? I haven’t really decided, but my educated guess is that it’s going to fall somewhere in between the two.

I’ll also make an honest attempt to figure out the technology (bear with me) that has made virtual grapevines and other digital internal communications practices the norm. In doing so, I’ll tackle the critical question of how organizations can use technology to benefit internal communications and, in turn, workplace dynamics and culture.

I’m hoping you’ll stick with me as I explore this topic in the weeks ahead.




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